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About a Project

BUSINESS LEAD is an innovative original project that combines the didactic component (short intensive courses) with the promotion of Polish culture, tradition, history and national heritage, and fits into the wider context of internationalization and social responsibility of our university.

The project involves the development and implementation of the Intensive International Education Program (IMPK), aimed at the development of competencies in the area of ​​entrepreneurship and business management. The main element of the project is educating students from developing African countries and building their personal and professional competencies in the field of running a business, which is in line not only with the internationalization strategy of SGH Warsaw School of Economics but also with the goals of sustainable development (SDGs 1, 4, 5, 10) and the European Union's strategy to combat global exclusion and poverty. Over the next two years, within 3 editions of BUSINESS LEAD, we will train at SGH a total of 60 students from such countries as Senegal, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Mauritius. We will also host researchers from partner universities in these countries.

Main goals of the project:

  • Popularization at SGH of short intensive educational programs conducted in English.
  • Building institutional competencies and individual teaching competencies in the scope of implementation of short training programs in remote and blended formulas.
  • Implementation of technological, technological and didactic solutions at SGH, enabling a flexible approach to student education.
  • Strengthening cooperation with universities from developing countries in accordance with the internationalization strategy of the Warsaw School of Economics.
  • Strengthening the position and prestige of SGH on the global educational market as a university with a high level of education and socially responsible (undertaking CSR activities).
  • Promotion of Polish culture and Polish heritage as well as educational opportunities offered in Poland.